Jewelry From Nature

Man, from times immemorial, has tried to beautify himself with adornments. From mining stones to carving them out, the desire for beautification has always gone hand in hand with the evolution of civilization. Even today, one of the biggest contributors to evolving fashion trends is the different forms, materials and styles of jewelry.What on earth is more beautiful than Nature itself? And what jewelry could be more beautiful than the one carved from the very own gifts bestowed upon us from the mother nature. One of the most timelessly elegant examples of this is shell jewelry, which has always been a favorite in fashion circuits. This type of jewelry is made from aquatic sea shells found abundantly in coastal regions.

Shells can be collected from the shore and cleaned and woven into jewelry or purchased via shops or websites. Many websites offer hermit crab shells for sale, as they are exquisite.

One can also pick from the large shells for sale and design gorgeous large seashells of ornaments from them.Another emerging trend in natural jewelry is flower jewelry. Designed using fresh natural flowers to complement your attire and also keep you feeling fresh and fragrant throughout the day. Natural jewelry can be hand-made or purchased on order. One of the special features of this type of jewelry is its uniqueness. No two pieces of jewelry made from natural products can be alike, just like the exclusivity of everything in nature.

The significance of Natural Jewelry and Symbolism

The use of natural material in the recent fashion line accessories is used to bring new meaning to the phrase “natural beauty”. These natural materials symbolize the balance between all the elements of nature, earth, water, wind and fire, and bestow beauty to the wearer in balance with all these elements.

Some other materials used for making organic natural jewelry are: coconuts (predominantly in Africa and South America), Abalone (Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Japan), Corals, Horns and Bones, Brass, Wood, Turquoise to name a few.With traditional jewelry made from precious metals like, gold, silver and platinum becoming sky-high expensive and precious stones like diamonds, sapphires and rubies become a part of the realm of the rich. In these circumstances, one can make a bold, beautiful and attractive statement by adorning a statement accessory made with natural materials like seashells or flowers. Sometimes, a change in the trend is reverting to the roots. With natural and organic jewelry returning into the trending circuit this season, make sure you get yours soon!

Thursday, September 21st, 2017 Ecommerce